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Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

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Me the Wellness Coach ...

I love to spend my time helping people, with Ribbon Of Hearts I can help in a completely different way, making someone smile, or creating a special surprise that they can cherish forever. 

As a wellness coach I get to help people feel good about themselves again.

So I guess I get the best of both worlds.

Who do you know who needs:

Extra Energy

Weight Loss

Weight Gain (yes plenty would like to)

Improve Sports Performance

Overall wellbeing

Skincare - guaranteed results in 7 days

Hair and Body care

My results...

I lost 56 Inches

Lost 48lbs

Gained 8lbs of Lean Muscle

Lost 14% Body Fat

Maintained it for over 2 years

Tell me about the

3 Day Energy &

 Nutrition Trial

Healthy Active Lifestyle

We promote a Healthy Active Lifestyle  together with other coaches we run a successful FREE fitcamp every Monday & Weds evening 6.30pm-7.30pm 

Creating fun in the community and a friendly environment for all ages, abilities and those who may not like the gym.

We run regular 5 Weeks to 5k Run groups too and we build people up from a brisk walk. I teach people how to believe in themselves. That is important to me. 

If you are in the Wakefield area and would like to join us then please drop me a message here.

You can also find us on facebook


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