Every photo tells a story

Amy Reeder

One of the biggest rewards for me with the work I do here at Ribbon Of Hearts are your stories. Photographs are so personal and always have a story behind them.

Why are they your favourite?

I want to know, I don't just look at it and think how beautiful it is, I want to know the detail, the emotion. Sometimes that emotion is happy, but on occasions it can be quite sad. Special moments with people that are no longer with us, that deserve to be showcased for all to see. I feel honoured that people trust me with those memories, I feel I can share the fun times and get to know more about things, it also teaches me too and makes you think.

I particularly love this one. Taken in Castleton the next village on from where Amy lives in Derbyshire. It holds a special memory as she used to live there when Amelie, her daughter was a baby and they would walk to the ducks everyday.

In this photo Amelie is nearly 4 and Louis is nearly 2. They tend to fight more than get on but Amelie was excited to show him 'her ducks' so was holding his hand. I love that they are 'her ducks'! I see years of bickering ahead from my own sibling experience but ultimately a love, a connection and a forever lasting 'I'm here for you'

So how did Winnie the Pooh quote come into it?

Winnie the Pooh has always been special to Amy as her Grandma used to read her the stories as a child and they are very close. There's a lot of images very similar of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet walking into sunsets and it really reminded Amy of that. The quote in particular she remembers her Grandma always saying that 'special people are always in our hearts'

'All in all it's a special place and the image reminded me of special times from my childhood that I'd like to impart on my children too' - Amy

So of course when Amy asked me to add the quote ontop of the image, I just had to create! We worked together and showed Amy different fonts and colours. It just means so much more now that I know the story. A history, a generational story that has now been showcased to continue forever.

A huge THANKYOU to Amy for sharing her story for us and allowing us to blog such a fabulous photo.

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