Why I chose a gift from Ribbon Of Hearts

Following our series of the "Stories behind the photographs" we take a look at why people choose to showcase their favourite images.

What is it that makes them special to them?

There is always without any doubt a story in every single photo that we share, we must have had a reason to capture the memory in the first place?

Today we hear from Natasha Hartigan and the beautiful image we can see here of Maisie &


Natasha's Story | Thankyou for sharing

Photos to me are so precious, little pockets of memories captured in time,

crucial reminders of happy times with people, who at that time mean something to you.

This photo I chose was taken in my all time happy place, Woodlesford Canal (where the Gruffalo & the Elephant etc are carved out of wood) I go there when I am happy, sad or somewhat in between. This day was a happy day, it was Finley's first time visiting. Maisie had her scooter and Daddy was also with us for this lovely family walk,

"it was a spur of the moment

photograph which always seem

to turn out the best"

A few weeks before Mother's Day my Mother In Law told me that this was her favourite photo of our two babies so far, so it only seemed right to have something document this for Mother's Day, I decided that all three Grandmamas should have one.

I chose Ribbon Of Hearts to do this as I love how unique and delicate the hearts are, nothing seems too much trouble for Emma

and I love to support local businesses, I find true inspiration from people creating their own dreams. I cannot wait to create more moments in time and to have more of them documented by Ribbon Of Hearts Thank you Tasha xxx

Thankyou so much for taking the time to write about your family. It means a lot to me as I have a keen interest in photography and people too, which makes my job even more special. I am always grateful when people choose ROH to showcase their memories.

Natasha is also an adult comedy vocalist and childrens entertainer

Please see her link below

Our website: Ribbon Of Hearts

Places of interest & Photo Credits: Woodlesford Lock

Tasha Comedy Vocalist

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